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Conventional Crunchy Tiger Nuts Derivates 2-5 mm - 1kg

Conventional Crunchy Tiger Nuts Derivates 2-5 mm
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General Description:  Mechanically peeled tigernuts coated with black chocolate pure at 55%

Ingredients: Tigernuts (30%), 55% pure cocoa paste (70%) (sugar (44.9%), cocoa mass (32%), cocoa butter (20.4%), soy lecithin and vanillin), gum arabic (gum Arabic, sugar, glucose syrup, water) and shellac (coconut oil, shellac, ethanol).

May contain traces of milk and nuts.

Prices: 2.75 EUR x Kg



Product Name:                  Conventional Crunchy Tiger Nuts Derivates 2-5 mm
Denomination:                  Chocolate coated tigernuts
Tigur Nut variety:               Cyperus esculentus
Origin:                                 Valencia, Spain
Size:                                    8-12 mm
Colour:                                characteristics from chocolates
Aroma :                               soft and creamy
Taste:                                  sweet

Nutritional Composition

Component                                        per 100g                                   per 35g                             %IR por racion

Energy value:                                     552,5 Kcal (2311,5,kj)            193,4 kcal (808,4 Kj)       9.7
Fats:                                                    36                                               12.6                                     2.1
from what saturated FA:                  19,2                                             6.72                                    3.4
Carbohydrates:                                 54,2                                            18.97                                  1.9
from what simple sugars:              35                                                12.25                                  6.1
Diabetic fibre:                                    5,1                                               1.785                                  1.5
Proteins:                                             5,5                                               1.925                                  0.6
Salt:                                                     0,023                                           0.00805                             0.001

Quality Characteristics

Microbiological aspects
Escherichia coli / 1g:                                                   not detected
Listeria monocytogenes / 25g:                                  not detected
Total fungi:                                                                    
Molds:                                                                            20 c.f.u. / g
Yeasts:                                                                           < 10 c.f.u. / g

Packaging & Delivery

Preservation and Storage:               10 months shelf-life. Store in a cold (18-20°C) and dry place. Keep from direct sun light.

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