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Standard Whole Tigernuts 8-11 mm - 1kg

Standard Whole Tigernuts 8-11 mm
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General Description:  Guaranteed "Ecological Farming" product. Tiger nuts are round, rough and brown - whole tubers, dried and non-processed. Specially indicated for making “tiger nut’s milk”.

Ingredients: 100% Tiger nuts. ECO Tiger nuts' Flour does not contain preservatives or other seeds/grains/tubers. Does NOT contain gluten, lactose or dairy protein.

Prices: 1.70 EUR x Kg



Product Name:                  Standard Whole TIgernuts
Denomination:                  Certified Organic Farming Tiger Nuts
Tigur Nut variety:               Cyperus esculentus
Origin:                                 Valencia, Spain
Size:                                    8-11 mm
Colour:                                characteristics reddish brown
Aroma :                               characteristics
Taste:                                  soft sweet

Nutritional Composition

Moisture :                                                                      8-11
Total sugars:                                                                11-17,5
Fats:                                                                               23-31
Proteins:                                                                        6,5-12
Starch:                                                                           25-40
Diabetic fibre:                                                               ≥ 5

Quality Characteristics

Physical-chemical determinations
Lead (Pb):                                                                     < 0,1 (mg/kg)
Cadmium (Cd):                                                            <0,1 (mg/kg)
Total aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1 Y G2):                            < 4 pbb (µg/kg)
Microbiological determinations
Salmonella :                                                                 Absense in25g
Escherichia Coli:                                                         < 1000 c.f.u./g

Packaging & Delivery

Packing:                                               Whited raffia palm sacks
Preservation and Storage:               One year shelf-life. Store it in cold, dry environment. Protect from direct sun light.

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