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Dudu-Osun Black Soap Wholesale (Fragrance-Free) 150 grams

Dudu-Osun Black Soap Wholesale (Fragrance-Free) 150 grams
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Health and Beauty, Skin Care
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  • Price per carton $29.50
  • Number of Units per carton - Forty-eight (48), 150-gram bars of soap.
  • Number of Cartons per 20 feet container ? - 1,500 cartons (150 cartons x 10 pallets) or 1,850 cartons (no pallets).
  • Price per unit and price per carton and per 20 feet container - $29.50/carton F.O.B.
  • Buy 500 cartons and get 15% discount
  • Buy 10-100 cartons get 8% discount
  • Monthly supply 1-5 containers
  • Delivery available on FOB and CIF basis

Handmade from pure natural ingredients and herbs from the Savannah regions and tropical rain forest; Tropical Naturals’ Dudu-Osun black soap has been meticulously formulated to cleanse, nourish, protect and revitalize the skin. Made with no artificial colors or preservatives; this organic black soap is biodegradable and lathers exceedingly well.

Dudu-Osun black soap serves as a natural remedy for numerous skin conditions such as acne, eczema and dark spots etc.; while simultaneously preventing conditions like skin rashes, breakouts and premature skin aging/wrinkles.

This product comes in two variations:

i. Original (green box)

  • Certification: ICADA Natural, ICADA Global Ethics

ii. Fragrance-Free (white box) 

  • Certification: ICADA Natural, ICADA Global Ethics
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