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Dudu-Shea : Fresh Wholesale (with fragrance) 100 ml

Dudu-Shea : Fresh Wholesale (with fragrance) 100 ml
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  • Price per carton $70.50
  • Number of Units per carton - Twenty-Four (24), 150-gram bars of soap.
  • Number of Cartons per 20 feet container ? - 1,500 cartons (150 cartons x 10 pallets) or 1,850 cartons (no pallets).
  • Price per unit and price per carton and per 20 feet container - $70.50/carton F.O.B.
  • Buy 500 cartons and get 15% discount
  • Buy 10-100 cartons get 8% discount
  • Monthly supply 1-5 containers
  • Delivery available on FOB and CIF basis

Dudu-Shea is pure and natural 100% shea butter. It is cold-pressed with no chemicals, additives or preservatives. In this natural state, it has a shelf life of twenty-four (24) months, and is best used within six (6) months of breaking the seal.

The American Shea Butter Institute claims that when in its “100% pure natural form” shea butter is “an all-natural vitamin-A cream” (Shea Institute, 2013).

The high fatty acid content in our 100% pure natural shea butter makes it a tremendously efficient moisturizer, and therefore is appropriate to prevent dry skin and even frost bites in extreme weather conditions. Shea Butter is versatile when in this natural form, and comes with abundant dermatological benefits.

For daily use, Dudu-Shea:

  • nourishes dry and cracked skin, 
  • has remedial effects for eczema, dermatitis and sunburns, 
  • and is appropriate to moisturize tough skin (e.g. soles of feet)
  • Monthly supply 1-5 containers
  • Delivery available on FOB and CIF basis
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